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Clinical Director, Dr. George Naike, Ph.D.

George is the founder and clinical director of Sydney Main Clinical Hypnotherapy (SMCH), Positive Culture Lectures, and the creator of The “Well Mentality” concept. George is a humanitarian with backgrounds (and ongoing interests) in Law, Engineering, Housing, Management, Philosophy, and Psychology. George holds deep and favorable viewpoints on individual self-development and progressive thinking.

His books (Chiseled Intelligence ‘Vols. 1 & 2’ and Subterranean Classics) connect literature with positive uplifting of the human spirit, poetic verses, and all manners of written and spoken words of inspiration. One critic referenced, “fun, witty and insightful” – ideas for these books were not only drawn from scholarly endeavors, they are also useful for daily reflections and affirmations, according to another commentator. George has worked in humanities most of his adult working life and continues to do so, unapologetically.

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