What to Know When Booking Sessions With Us.

Pay As You Go

Six (6) Session Block Booking

Three (3) Session Block Booking

1 – Pay As You Go

Each session is set at approximately one hour;

The first session comprises client history, problem areas, and goal setting;

The following sessions will be focused on treatment plans and therapy sessions.

2 – Six (6) Sessions Block Booking – (Online or In Person)

This is where I use a combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapeutic techniques to help you make mental changes and address your concerns. Sessions will include brief talks, induction, hypnotherapy, guiding of client out of the hypnotherapy space, and debriefing/discussing the next appointment.

Full cooperation and participation of every client are required to achieve good outcomes. These include attending all sessions and doing all out–of–therapy practical applications like recovery tasks and homework.

3 – Three (3) Sessions Bolock Booking – (Online Or In Person)

Same as 2 above but limited to three (3) sessions. However, I always advise my clients to opt for minimun six (6) sessions.

4 – Appointment Procedure

  • Call us for a free 15-minute discovery chat and brief information of the process
  • Book an appointment online
  • Set a date for sessions (Online or In Person)
  • Payment to be made and cleared before each session.

Effectiveness of Online Sessions

Online sessions are as good as face-to-face ones. Based on my experience, clients are able to disconnect from their home or immediate environment and fully engage with sessions. Tools needed for these types of sessions are; a good Internet connection, a pair of headphones that cover both ears, a safe and comfortable seating position, and privacy (not to be disturbed) for the duration of each session.

We provide services for clients who are willing to make a change in their lives, opportunities and benefits are limitless for direct awareness, connecting or re-connecting with the true powers that lie within each of us. 

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