Sydney Main Clinical Hypnotherapy


SYDNEY MAIN CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY PTY LTD (otherwise referred to as SMCH in this documentation). Terms and Conditions – Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

Your booking shall be deemed to be your understanding of, and agreement to, terms and conditions set forth below:

Your booking shall be deemed to be your understanding of, and agreement to, terms and conditions set forth below:

1- Booking of Sessions – Sessions are to be booked, following initial 15minutes phone (or in person) consultation, which must be prior to the first session.

2- Attendance of Sessions – Clients must attend 100% of sessions agreed, booked, or both on the dates and times set and complete all homework given after sessions.

2.1. Each client must consider all the terms and conditions herein including the Mental health Declaration as mentioned at initial consultation/ or other session/s

2.2. The client must declare any and all medical requirements (mental and physical) which may affect their ability to participate in Session/s.

2.3. The client has the required level of English proficiency to understand what the therapist is saying, coaching or requesting in writing, online via zoom (or other such communication mediums) or face-to-face, or at own cost provide an interpreter who is able to understand and translate to the client.

2.4. The client must demonstrate a commitment to accept and follow recommended suggestions as given by the therapist.

2.5. For online sessions, clients must have access to a working computer, stable Internet Connection throughout the duration of each session, and a quiet area where they cannot be disturbed for the entire duration of each session.

3- Sessions are not confirmed until Sydney Main Clinical Hypnotherapy Pty Ltd (SMCH) has received evidence of online Electronic Booking Form completion, signature, submission and payment (online or at the Clinic on the day, before or after each session) or bulk payment made in advance of session/s, meaning that the company’s terms and conditions have been accepted by the client.

3.1. Payment up front for single sessions or block payments will be required.

4- SMCH Pty Ltd reserves the right to postpone or reschedule sessions (including from face-to-face sessions to online sessions) due to unforeseen circumstances (including, but not limited to, change in circumstances, staff sickness, Pandemics, and any other situation whatsoever outside of SMCH’s control).

4.2. SMCH will make every effort to inform clients of postponed sessions and will endeavor to place any postponed session in the next available time.

4.3. Any change in the Mode of Session Delivery does not constitute a cancellation of the Session.

4.4. CANCELLATIONS of bookings must be made by notifying the therapist (or their representative) in person or by phone/ or clearly spoken message left on mobile message bank or Clinic phone number 24hours prior to the first/ or each session. Email can be sent as an accompanying message but email alone is not enough. This means that even if you have not attended a session and you cancelled prior to 24hours before the session, no refunds are available.

5- If client has not arrived fifteen minutes after booked therapy session has started SMCH reserves the right to see another client for the duration of the next client’s therapy session. In which case, the latecomer’s session may be delayed at no cost to SMCH or cancelled where client is more than 30 minutes late (and no refund will be payable to the client).

5.1. In case of foreseeable lateness, SMCH should be been notified in advance, and must not be later than 30minutes after the scheduled therapy start time.

6- SMCH’s Hypnotherapy Sessions are only designed to take client through process of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy, during which suggestions are offered to each client (whilst in hypnosis). These suggestions will be based on the treatment plan and goals that the client had set with the therapist prior to each or all of the sessions.

6.1. Clients must be ready and willing to fully participate in the entirety of the therapy processes. While all care is taken in providing coaching and development of solutions to clients’ problems, SMCH does not accept any liability for any errors in materials issued to the client, and SMCH has no liability for the use made by a client of any of its therapy session materials including recording and written materials. Where errors (needing correction/s) are highlighted to SMCH, we may make change/s as necessary.

7- SMCH warrants that we will employ good and positive care with the appropriate skills, as we determine to deliver our therapy sessions. You are solely responsible for results that you achieve through the sessions and in using any materials or skills learned in any of our sessions.

7.1. SMCH reserves the right to change, edit, adapt or otherwise change any delivery of its Sessions, for improvement and rectification, and to implement any required changes that may come about as a result of internal and external audits and standard validation and continuous improvements and processes.

8- OBLIGATIONS OF CLIENTS – Clients’ are expected to act with integrity at all times and only inform the therapist of the actual way/s in which they are felling. It is the client’s responsibility to be honest with the therapist from the initial consultation and during therapy sessions, including informing the therapist of any change/s in the client’s circumstances.

8.1. Clients during their involvement with SMCH are expected to treat all Clinic facilities, therapist and other Clinic users with dignity, fairness and respect and not do anything that could offend, embarrass, or threaten others Clinic users or SMCH’s staff and therapist/s. Not harass, victimize, discriminate against or disrupt others. Treat all others and their property with respect. Respect the opinions and backgrounds, including cultures of others. Follow all safety policies and procedures as directed by staff and therapists of the Clinic and SMCH. Report any perceived safety risks, as they become known. Not bring into any premises being used for Sessions any articles or items that may cytomel t3 weight loss dosage threaten the safety of self or others. Notify us (via email and other reasonable channels) if any of their personal or contact details change. Notify SMCH in person or by phone (please leave message if no response) if for any reason they are unable to attend/ or participate in any session/s fully. Notify us immediately if you feel you are not coping mentally, emotionally, psychologically with any part/s of the Sessions. Notify the therapist immediately of any concerns you may have with staff or the process.

8.2. Clients are to provide relevant and accurate information to SMCH in a timely manner. Approach their Sessions with due personal commitment and integrity. Work within the SMCH’s Context of Sessions delivery. Complete all recovery activities and assignments honestly and without undue criticism. Make regular contact with therapist when required or if client deems necessary to book further Sessions. To prepare appropriately for all Sessions, visit the Clinic or setup for online Sessions at least 10minutes of own time before each Session. Notify SMCH if any difficulties arise as part of their involvement in a scheduled program. Notify SMCH if they are unable to attend a Therapy Session for any reason prior to 24 hours before commencement of the activity. Make payments for their sessions fully within agreed timeframes.

8.3. SMCH requires you to participate in learning whilst free from the influence of any substance, including drugs/ or alcohol, which may prevent you from learning activities safely and effectively. Being under the influence of any substance jeopardizes our commitment to working with you together, with the potential to impact the practice, staff, Clinic, other Clinic users, our neighbors and our communities. SMCH reserves the right to refuse Sessions, expel, suspend or terminate Session booking/s of any client found to be under the influence of drugs, alcohol, both or anyone displaying aggression or violence, without liability to refund any payments to such client. We encourage anyone who may have an alcohol or drug problem to seek assistance in first cleaning up and remaining sober (and we will assume this is the case at initial consultation/ or bookings) prior to paid Sessions, and between booking date and the end date of all booked Sessions. Where a client decided not to be honest about any such behavior and the same is found to be the case once the booked Sessions have commenced, SMCH reserves the right to cancelled and no refund will be payable to any such client.

9- ADDRESSING ISSUES OF CONCERN – If you have a concern with staff, or another Clinic user, you should immediately inform the therapist or a Clinic representative of your concern in person or in writing via email. The therapist will advise on a course of action to deal with your concerns. SMCH advises of clients and potential clients of the need to be open-minded, the need to be prepared to evaluate and report any positive changes noticed through therapy sessions. At SMCH, our clients’ own experiences and understandings through therapy sessions are valued, however they are always open to challenge (in the learning process). This means that in your course you may be presented with opinions, research, and evidence that may challenge your understanding of the world; these will challenge your assumptions. It is your responsibility to use critical thinking skills when this happens. When you are presented with something that challenges your belief of yourself, others and the world, this is a learning experience which has been designed to teach you to think critically and make positive changes to your presenting issues, and if necessary, challenge assumptions. It is important that you enter each therapy session with a willingness to be open-minded, awareness that the challenging of assumptions will be part of the learning, and that your responsibility for your learning includes the gathering, evaluation and analysis of what you as an individual has experienced.

9.1. If you are not wanting to be change your presenting habits, behavior or presenting issue/s, then you should reconsider doing these sessions. SMCH has zero tolerance when it comes to bullying, harassment, violence, discrimination, and vilification and immediate termination of sessions may be enforced in instances of bullying, harassment, vilification, violence, and discrimination. In any instances of any misconduct, SMCH will take action and may report the matter to the authorities. Misconduct is defined as any unacceptable behavior such as bullying, harassment, vilification, inappropriate chatter, violence (physical or verbal), discrimination or any other behavior that negatively affects staff and other Clinic users. SMCH may terminate a client’s booking for misconduct at any time, at its sole discretion. In the event of misconduct, SMCH will not provide a refund of session payments or any deposit/s prior made.

9.2. SMCH may terminate a client’s sessions for unpaid sessions fees at any time, at its sole discretion. SMCH will take immediate and necessary action in response to instances of misconduct, including immediate termination of sessions.

9.3. COPYRIGHT and TRADEMARKS – Copyright in all materials where owned by SMCH unless otherwise stated, you agree not to copy or use SMCH’s copyrighted materials and resources without SMCH’s expressed prior written consent, beyond allowable limits under the Copyright Act. You agree not to use, transmit, publish, or make available in any way, including online, offline or through any other communication carriageway, any SMCH’s literatures and other educational materials, SMCH’s trademarks or SMCH’s copyrighted resources unless you have expressed prior written consent from SMCH. Any attempt to do so may result in legal proceedings and SMCH may seek damages. You agree not to use our trademarks, trade names, or other designations in any promotion without our prior written consent. Any attempt to do so may result in damages.

10- OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY – SMCH aims to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all its clients and others who enter its work premises and educational venues. Similarly, participants must also be aware of their duty to take responsible care of own and the health and safety of others and respect the rights of other clients, staff and therapist/s. Clients are required to comply with the rules of conduct on the Clinic premises and follow any reasonable instructions of the staff. Failure to do so may result in the client (or potential client’s) termination from sessions.

10.1 COMMON TERMS – Our obligations hereunder are conditional on your performance of your responsibilities under these terms and conditions. You agree not to assign, or otherwise transfer your rights under this Agreement without our prior written consent. Any unauthorized attempt to do so is void. Neither SMCH nor you the client are responsible for failure to fulfil any obligations due to causes beyond either party’s control. Any terms of this Agreement, which by their nature extend beyond its termination, remain in full effect until fulfilled and apply to respective successors and assignees.

10.2. MENTAL HEALTH DECLARATIONS – Due to the personal nature of the SMCH’s Sessions, you are required to disclose to SMCH if you have ever been diagnosed with a mental illness or other condition (previous or current), at the point of initial consultation, which may affect your ability to participate in the sessions. In the event that you have disclosed a medical condition (mental or physical) that may affect your ability to safely complete the Sessions, we may direct you to provide adequate medical clearance from a medical practitioner of our choosing. Based on medical advice we reserve the right to reject your application for Clinical hypnotherapy treatments.

Declarations: I further agree to the following:

If I experience any physical, emotional or psychological pain or discomfort during the sessions, I will immediately inform the therapist and cease performing any of the session exercises. I further understand that Clinical Hypnotherapy should not be construed as a substitute for medical and psychological examination, diagnosis, or treatment and in no way constitutes or be construed as such. I understand that the Therapist/s and SMCH are not qualified to perform, diagnose, prescribe, or treat any physical or mental illness, and that nothing said in the sessions should be construed as such. Because hypnosis should not be performed under certain medical or psychological conditions, I affirm that I have stated all my known medical, psychological or psychiatric conditions, and answered all questions honestly. I agree to keep the Therapist/s and SMCH updated as to any changes in my medical profile during the sessions and agree that there shall be no liability on the Therapist/s SMCH or any Clinic used for delivery of therapy/ies. I further acknowledge that a possible consequence of the said sessions is that one or a number of previously hereto unknown medical or psychological conditions might arise or be uncovered and hereby indemnify the Therapist/s and SMCH from any liability in the event of such occurrences. I further indemnify the Therapist/s and SMCH from any costs, injuries, current and future damages and liability arising from or as a consequence of the session/s, and I also understand that the Therapist/s and/or SMCH reserve the right to refuse or cease to continue therapy sessions for anyone whom they deem to have a condition for which the sessions is contraindicated or unsuitable for, at any point prior or during the workshops without having to give any prior or extended notice. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at the discretion of SMCH.

For Health and Safety of me and all others, I agree to only use all recordings (which will remain property of Sydney Main Clinical Hypnotherapy Pty Ltd and may withdrawn if not used in accordance with fairness, reasonableness and in just ways) for my own personal developmental use. I agree to not use any or all of the recordings made and offered to me before, (mainly during), and or after any session when operating machinery or any mechanically driven devices.

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